Great experience on every job I have worked on with Cornerstone Masonry. A real team player that goes the extra mile to work well both both their clients and their peers on the construction site. Cornerstone cares about the people they work with and for. They always conduct business in a professional manner.

This subcontractor has been a vital member of the team on several projects I have worked on with them. They continue to meet and exceed expectations and are a constant favorite of my clients.

Bryan Ferris, Rives E. Worrell Company

New South Construction would like to congratulate Cornerstone Masonry on a job well done for the Ken Byers Tennis Complex at Georgia Tech. This has been a very successful project an your company’s dedication greatly contributed to this success.

I would like to specifically acknowledge the work and dedication that I observed from Brian Baye. His commitment to getting the job done right and in a timely manner greatly contributed to the overall success of this project. Brian and his crew set a great example for others to follow each day.

I sincerely appreciate the attitude and dependability that your team demonstrated on this project. New South enjoyed working with them and we look forward to a continued successful relationship in the future.

Jeff Brown, Senior Project Manager, New South Construction

I would highly recommend Cornerstone Masonry (in particular Mike Turner) for any of your masonry needs. Their company proactively manages the building envelope. I have completed several multi-million dollar subcontracts with them at Berry College (twice), Savannah Technical College, Woodward Academy, Windsor Forest High School and New Hampstead High School among others. If you need a strong mason that will push the schedule and all of the other trades I wood highly recommend them. I have never had a call back on any of these projects.

Jake Nellis, Group Manager - Vice President, JE Dunn Construction